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Tesco Lotus is a hypermarket chain in Thailand and China. In Thailand, the stores are operated by Ek-Chai Distribution System Co., Ltd. Established in 1998, Tesco Lotus was a joint venture of the Charoen Pokphand Group and Tesco, the British giant supermarket chain. However, facing criticism over the growth of hypermarkets in Thailand, the CP Group sold its shares in Tesco Lotus in 2003, though it did retain interest in Tesco Lotus in China.


tesco lotus hypermarket


The tesco lotus has the top quality of products they coordinated targets of collections in shopping is innovated and imaginative touch. The market is expanding their property rental business in better form to make their shoppers more comfortably shopping by adding a much different shopping malls and  if you visit the tesco lotus market do not forget to drive in around buddhamonthon sai 5 area so you will not miss the three wind turbines in front of the stores an impressive place surrounding with water pond, trees and plants.


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