Pattaya Thailand


Walking Street


Walking Street is a famous and vibrant part of the city located in south of Pattaya. It is a location that is well-known to many tourists visiting Thailand , and especially to the male visitors. It is also known as International Meeting Street. Walking Street runs from the Beach Road to the Bali-Hi Pier, and there are entrance arches at either end. The street is traffic-free at night (from 18.00 hours), and car parking is at the Bali-Hi end.


walking street


It is also known for amount of glowing neon lights used as their signage above the street. The Street has many girly bars with live bands and fine dining a great place to drink and shopping so you will not feel boring everytime you visit the walking street. It's a safe place just be careful with your things while hanging around the place it's a great place but it's also a great place for those which they called "pickpocketing" if your not familiar with the city you should follow their safety rules.



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